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Our firm operates on the ethos of empowering clients through transparency, education, and confidentiality. As a full-service, client-centric firm, we cover a wide range of immigration law areas with over 20 years of combined experience, ensuring our clients’ diverse legal needs are met with expert guidance.

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Welcome To The Bade Law Group

Ready to secure your place in the United States? Our specialized team of experts focuses on family-based, business, and removal defense immigration law, providing round-the-clock support and transparent counsel. From green cards to federal litigation, we cover a spectrum of services. Whether you’re seeking asylum or navigating the path to permanent residency, our goal is your peace of mind. Reach out today to start your personalized journey toward a secure and thriving future in the U.S.

Our Practice Areas


Our experienced team specializes in various visas, including Visitor and K-1 fiancé visas. We offer detailed guidance through the application process, ensuring meticulous attention to every aspect for a higher success rate. Trust us as your dedicated partner in navigating the complexities of visa applications.


Our experienced immigration lawyers offer dedicated support in navigating the complex asylum process for those fleeing persecution. Understanding the urgency and intricacies, we tirelessly work to provide essential legal expertise and assistance, aiming to secure a safe haven for you in challenging times.

Deportation / Removal

Our immigration lawyers provide expert legal support and representation in deportation proceedings, utilizing extensive experience to fight for your rights. We tailor our approach to your unique situation, striving to offer the strongest defense against deportation and removal in these challenging times.

Green Cards / Naturalization

Our experienced immigration lawyers are ready to answer your questions and guide you through each step. We offer tailored advice and support for both permanent residency and naturalization, ensuring a clear understanding of every requirement and process in achieving your American dream.

Bond/Immigration Detention

If you or someone you know is in immigration detention, our team can help. We understand the emotional and legal complexities involved and are committed to providing effective support, no matter your location or case difficulty. Contact us to discuss advocacy for release and navigating legal challenges.

Business Immigration

Our experienced team specializes in employment-based visas and petitions, aiding individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses. We provide expert guidance in order to help you realize your professional and corporate ambitions in the U.S. Contact us to explore our business immigration services.

Immigration law is complicated and complex.

Mistakes can be expensive and difficult (if not impossible) to correct. It’s faster and more cost-effective to handle it correctly in the first place, so contact our experienced and diligent team with any questions about your specific case.
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Confidential Consultation

During your confidential consultation with our experienced immigration lawyers, we’ll give you an honest assessment of your specific situation. You will leave the consultation with clarity about our fair pricing and all options you have. You can rest assured that once you sign a representation agreement with us, we will immediately take care of all your needs.

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〝I would recommend the Bade Law Group to anybody with immigration needs. Immigration is a process that takes time, but if you have good lawyers, you’re going to be in good hands. That’s why I felt confident when I started working with them.〞

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Juan Pablo Blanco
Juan Pablo Blanco
I can't say enough good things about Jennifer and the Bade Law Group team. They truly went above and beyond to help our family in our multiple cases we needed support with. They were extremely communicative, checked in with us at every step of the way to ensure we knew exactly what was happening and what would come next, and most importantly, I truly felt seen as a human being by them in a process that can feel so dehumanizing sometimes. Jennifer helped me get all the paperwork we would need to ensure that we could respond to any requests by USCIS, took great care in preparing me to be comfortable during my interview and truly set my case up in a way that we knew from the beginning we would be ready for anything. Again, I could not recommend the Bade Law Group, LLC enough!
Connor MacIsaac
Connor MacIsaac
Jennifer is both personable and professional! Highly recommend her services!
Tieashia Davis
Tieashia Davis
If you're looking for a attentive, hard-working, communitive, fast-acting, good listener, aggressive in the courtroom putting all into your case. Already a Super Lawyer in my eyes. Jennifer and her team is the best! She is willing to go beyond and above for your case, no matter how big or small your case may be. If you don't understand a situation she will take her time to help you understand exactly what is happening. She has a great and humble attitude. With a awesome personality, anyone can feel comfortable with her to open up about their love one case/situation. Jennifer helped my husband and I through a case I thought was extremely hard. But she made it look easy! My husband and I case took months. Jennifer and her team worked hard as if it was the first week until we won. Jennifer will make sure your love one is treated right and respected and stand up for their rights, during their time with immigration. No problem is to small for her. My husband went through hardship with immigration but Jennifer made him feel the most comfortable she could. Jennifer has no judgement feel free to be yourself and open. My husband and I are beyond and forever grateful to Jennifer for winning our case. No need to research another lawyer in Massachusetts. You have found the best! Do Not Second Guess, Jennifer as your lawyer. You will not regret it. Again, choose Jennifer Bade Law Group if you want to win!!!
Nanette Zodulua
Nanette Zodulua
We won a very difficult immigration case with Attorney Jennifer Bade. We hired her for a family member facing deportation. She had a very positive outlook of the case even when it seemed impossible to win. She was very professional and empathetic. She explained the process in a plain language that anyone would understand. She drafted a plan with all possible outcomes and provided updates on a regular basis. She went beyond her assignments and fought until the green card was granted. I strongly recommend Bade Law Group to anyone looking for a dynamic immigration lawyer.
Alvin Dixon
Alvin Dixon
Every time I see this Lawyers Name it brings Hope. For in one of the worse times of my life when everyone else abandoned me and My only Hope was God . He send me Jennifer Bade. Bade law Group is a God send . In my 11 years awaiting my deportation procedure I had lawyers telling me they can’t help and they don’t know anyone who would help . But Jennifer stuck with me and gave me confidence . Not only is she a good soul but she is tenacious in her work. She always has a plan and she and her team knows how to execute. Also And they are open and share every step of the way and are positive . If your having any issues . Please give her a call first thing you will notice is she positive outlook . No one wants to be in this situation but you want to know if it arises you have someone Good in their work that can help you . And me and my Family recommend her . She is a Godsend. And Has my total vote of confidence . Please don’t hesitate to call Bade Law Group.


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